I’m different. Always have been, since the day I was born. My entire life, I tried to hide who I am. Tried to blend in. Ashamed of the way I was. Embarrassed of how I was born.  Different. By the time I started opening up about how I felt,  They just asked: “But why?” I couldn’t give them a good answer. How could I explain it to them? I hate it. When people try to
Sometimes, I shut myself up in my roomAnd cryCry out all the painThat’s bottled up insideAll the anger and the loneliness and guilt and fearAlong with a million other emotionsRaging a battle within me for controlThey threaten to tear me apartAs my heart starts to breakAnd I’m aching insideIt’s all the little thingsPiled up on each otherThreatening to break meAs I cry insideThere’s no gain in denying the painBecause it’s thereIt’s always therePulsing inside meLike
Do you see that kid?Do you see his shirt?Look at the label.Sshhh, not so loud, he can hear you!Nah, he won’t notice, he’s unstable.I told you, He’s wearing an OCD label! I met a girl yesterday,while waiting in line.At first glanceShe really looked just fineBut then she unzipped her coatTook out some money to payI caught a glimpse of her bipolar tagRed with shame, she looked away There’s a new girl at schoolI thought I’d like
I don’t know. It’s hard to see a tomorrow. How can I write my life in 5 years time? Shouldn’t I take it day by day? Step by step?  What happenedTo the girl I knewThe girl everyone knewAs hyperactive and crazy? What happenedTo the girl I knewThe girl everyone knewAs fun and energetic? What happenedTo that girl?Why is she no longerThe way she used to be? What happened To her?Why is it that latelyShe forgetsTo
Dear Mummy You have never read my writing. You do not know I write. Therefore, this letter might feel strange for you to read. Let me explain. It’s me, your 18-year-old daughter, sitting at her computer at 3 a.m. while daddy and you are fast asleep. Except that, you’re not. I know you’re not. You are tossing and turning in bed, worrying. I know you have not been sleeping well. I can see it in

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