I am Different

I’m different.

Always have been, since the day I was born.

My entire life, I tried to hide who I am.

Tried to blend in.

Ashamed of the way I was.

Embarrassed of how I was born. 


By the time I started opening up about how I felt, 

They just asked:

“But why?”

I couldn’t give them a good answer.

How could I explain it to them?

I hate it.

When people try to understand.

When people say they are aware.

When people think they can help.

It’s too late.

They can’t help me. I learnt that a long time ago. 

I’m different.

Too many of them still aren’t able to see

I’m every bit as human

As they are. 

I don’t need people to 


I don’t care if they show their 


I just want them to

Accept me for 

Who I am.

Flaws and everything.

Yes, I am cracked.


But there’s a crack in everything. 

That’s how the light creeps in.

I wish people would see that.

I wish people would see

The light

Between my cracks.


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