Do you see that kid?
Do you see his shirt?
Look at the label.
Sshhh, not so loud, he can hear you!
Nah, he won’t notice, he’s unstable.
I told you, 
He’s wearing an OCD label!

I met a girl yesterday,
while waiting in line.

At first glance
She really looked just fine
But then she unzipped her coat
Took out some money to pay
I caught a glimpse of her bipolar tag
Red with shame, she looked away

There’s a new girl at school
I thought I’d like her a lot
But her big anxiety label
It’s a little too easy to spot
And once we all knew
We couldn’t put it aside
So now she sits alone
Or finds places to hide.

But what if we’d rip off those signs
They’re forced to wear?
Replace those labels,
And take away their fear?
Maybe we’d find something else instead
A label unassociated with dread
Maybe we’d find beauty and courage
Instead of a person disparaged
If only we had the courage and will
To look for the humanity
That exists still
Are you willing to see it?
Beyond the labels
That may or may not fit.

But what if labels are not given
Maybe the choice lies with them
Or maybe we leave people unconfined?
And definitely not condemned?
Personally, I choose one label 
which could fit everyone

– Kind human being –  

Is that someone you’d shun?

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