Your Questions


What is JTEEN?

JTeen is an emotional health helpline for Jewish teens that works via text message.

When can I contact JTeen?

JTeen operates between 6pm – midnight. If you want support outside of these hours then see “other services” page on the menu.

Who can use JTeen?

Jewish teenagers aged 13 to 20 with access to text.  Our number is 07860 058 823

Why was JTeen established?

JTeen is here to provide non-judgemental support, guidance and empowerment to any teen who may be experiencing a challenging time in any way that affects their emotional wellbeing.

When was JTeen established?

JTeen launched in January 2021.

How does the service work?

  1. Teens will text 07860058823 with their questions or when they feel in need of support.
  2. The texter will then receive an automated welcome text to JTeen, with opening times.
  3. Response times are set at five minutes but may be longer during busy periods.
  4. Once connected, the JTeen volunteer counsellor will start the ‘conversation’. The texter and volunteer will communicate back and forth via text message, using our secure platform.
  5. Our volunteer counsellor will aim to support you and help you in whatever is bothering you.
  6. Sometimes the initial volunteer counsellor will signpost texters towards more appropriate services or resources in order to help you.




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Why might I text JTeen?

There are many reasons teens may get in touch with us.  Our volunteer counsellors are fully trained to provide support and guidance, no matter what the issue. Perhaps you are feeling anxious, stressed, concerned about body image, are being bullied, or engaging in addictive behaviours. Teens in abusive or potentially abusive situations should also reach out for help.

Does JTeen provide therapy?

We offer immediate support, guidance, and wellbeing techniques. This is NOT a substitute for therapy. At times we may recommend therapy for the issue teens have reached out with.  In very specific situations we might arrange two sessions of phone therapy with a fully-qualified therapist from JTeen. This is only through JTeen offering the sessions and cannot be arranged upon request.

What mobile phone networks can I text JTEEN from?

You can text us from any network and depending on your payment plan, will cost the same amount as you pay for your regular texts.  The only thing that will show up on your phone bill is the number.  Please check with your mobile network operator directly if you are unsure as to whether your payment plan includes free texts.


Can I text in more than once?

You can text us to 07860058823 any time from 6pm -12am. Our trained volunteer counsellors are there to provide users with support, guidance, and techniques to empower you and help you through the challenge you are facing. We cannot provide regular long-term support and if this is required we will direct you to an appropriate service such as the NHS or other specialist charities/organisations.

Will you be able to provide me with regular, long term support?

JTeen is there to provide you with immediate support and guidance to empower you in the emotional challenges you face, but we cannot provide you with you with continuous regular support. We recommend that you speak with your local GP to initiate such support, or if applicable, with your mental health support team.

Is JTEEN confidential?

Messages to JTeen – 07860058823 are completely confidential. We specially ask that you do not give us your surname and we cannot see your number either.

In very rare circumstances, if a texter is believed to be in imminent danger or a serious safeguarding issue is raised, the supervisor at JTeen may decide to contact our software provider in order locate your number to then share your details with emergency services or other appropriate authorities.

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information.

I want to stop my conversation with the volunteer counsellor.

Message ‘STOP’ at any time to end the conversation. You will receive one closing text asking for feedback and no further messages.  

Do you store my details?

We don’t store any personal details (i.e., identifying information) besides for in very rare circumstances when a  service-user is believed to be in imminent danger, or a safeguarding issue has been raised.  In this case a JTeen supervisor may decide to share service-user’s details with emergency services, appropriate authorities and/or JTeen staff.

Non personal (non-identifiable) information is stored by our software company, Call Handling Limited.  This information is used mainly to study and improve our own performance and also helps us provide unique insights into mental health trends to help improve our teens lives across the UK.