About Jteen Support

Our Mission: Jteen support is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to helping Jewish teens get the emotional well-being support they need. There are often situations when a young person has no one to turn to or just doesn’t want anyone to know what they are going through. 


Text is a medium that teens are comfortable with and it provides the anonymity that is vital for a community helpline.

Our volunteer counsellors and therapists are ready to provide non-judgemental support and empowerment for Jewish adolescents going through any emotional challenges, and if necessary, refer them on to the appropriate organisations.


How does JTeen Support text line work?

If you feel you would like some support text 07860 058823
You will receive an automated response with operating times. Shortly after that a trained counsellor will text you back.
We will try to answer your text as soon as possible but during busy times this may take a little longer.
The support counsellor, will introduce themselves, reflect on what you’ve said and invite you to share at your own pace.
The support worker/counsellor is there to give you support and advice, to help you, keep you safe and suggest referrals if necessary.
You will text back and forth with your counsellor. This may take 10-15 mins or up to 40-60 mins depending on the matter at hand.
The conversation typically ends when you feel comfortable, supported and safe.
After the conversation, you’ll receive an optional survey about your experience. It would be great if you could complete it as this helps us help you and others like you!

What to Expect When You Text “Jteens”

It doesn’t matter why you want support and who you are. We are here for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big problem or a small one, whether serious or strange, we want to help you.

Opening up can be scary. This might be your first time asking for support and sharing a problem. We are fully aware of that, and we will try and make you feel as comfortable as possible

Our Pledge

  • We will not judge you.
  • We will not give you any orders to follow.
  • We will not say what you’re feeling is stupid or unreasonable – because it isn’t.
  • We will not be biased
  • We will not ask for your personal information


  • We will work with you to make you feel better
  • We will listen to you
  • We will be completely on your side


Our Goal

To help you in whatever way we can.